Searching the FLPHG Group Archives

The Yahoo Groups Search Option is archaic, and it is very difficult to search through the entire database. Which is unfortunate, because there is much great information stored there that is asked repeatedly by newcomers.

There is a solution, but it involves installation of software and downloading of a sizeable archive file. However, if you are interested in doing extensive searches it will be well worth your time.

Below are the steps required:

Download the PGOffline Software

Go to this website to download the software:
It's about 15 MB and you get a 30 day free trial before you are required to pay (less than $25 USD).

PGOffline will allow you to view all the messages in the entire archive, as well as download the messages from any other Yahoo discussion group. BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU ARE GOING TO DOWNLOAD FROM ANOTHER GROUP - IF YOU DOWNLOAD TOO FAST YAHOO WILL LOCK YOU OUT.

Download the FLPHG Archive

I have downloaded the archive and put it in a ZIP format file. You will have to use WINZIP ( or a similar program to extract the archive. The archive is current through the August 24, 2013 (over 32,000 messages). I will update it periodically.

To download the file, right click on the following link and select "Save File As": (>26 MB)

Install Software and Open Database

Once you install the software go to the File Menu and enter your Yahoo information (ID and password). YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE GROUP TO OPEN THE DATABASE. After you have opened the FLPHG list ONLINE with Yahoo (you don't need to download any messages), you can open the Database. All 28,000+ messages will be there to browse and search.

PGOffline Searches and Tools

Very useful searching capability, where you can use AND, OR, NOT to search through all the messages very rapidly. For example:
"target" and "bug"
will find every message with those two terms in it (in case you wanted to know about how people liked flying the Doodlebug with the Target glider). For a single word search you do not need the " marks. But you must use the " marks for each term if you want the AND, OR, NOT terms to work. See the PGOffline help files for more information.
You can also check the number of posts by each member, when they first and last posted, and many other useful tidbits of information.
  (NOTE: Yahoo has improved their search capability since I first wrote this, but it's still not what it could be)

(updated July 11, 2013)
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