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Clover Hollow Training Hill
Clover Hollow Photo Album
These Photos were made at the  local "Clover Hollow" training hill.  It was here that I took my first hang gliding flights in 1981.  For many years I dreamed of being able to see this area from above, and to be able to reach some of the nearby ridges.  The Mosquito finally made those dreams a reality.

Clover Hollow

Local Airport
Local Airport Photo Album
My latest and most used flying site is the local airport, only 2 miles from my home.  With so many other demands on my time, it is often difficult to find the time to even get over here.  Without this resource it is hard to say how much (little) flying I would still be doing.

Local Airport

Arctic Surprise  -  When you pop up unexpectedly at the North Pole, no telling what you might find!  ArcticSurprise.php

(updated July 3, 2016)

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