This Google Earth map of Panama shows the GPS track of our travels in light blue, and locations of the Panoramas are marked in yellow. The images on this page are all panormas stitched together from multiple images. See Panama Flickr Photo Album for other photos of this trip.

The panorama image page links below show medium resolution images. There are links on each page for downloading a higher resolution panorama converted to an executable file ( using Pano2exe ) and put in a zip file (to cause fewer firewall warnings). For those who are leery of downloading an executable file, there are also links to the full resolution panoramas (up to ~40 MegaPixel) and a link to a free viewer.

The Panama Canal is a popular and interesting visit. The visitor center at the Miraflores locks has a lot of interesting exhibits.

El Valle is a town in a caldera of an extinct volcano. The rim is the highest elevation in this part of the country. It is a popular expat community location and eco-tourism site (360 degree view)

Cottage Patio The patio and main living area of the beach house in San Carlos where we stayed for several days (360 degree view)

San Carlos Cemetery is well maintained with colorful bouquets on the crypts. It was located within a short walk of the beach house.

Cloud Forest Road in the Sendero Los Quetzales cloud forest (near Boquete). The road was one of the few places open enough for a panorama view.

Cloud Forest Tree in the Sendero Los Quetzales cloud forest (near Boquete). A vertical panorama.

Respingo (upper) Park Entrance to the Sendero Los Quetzales cloud forest (near Boquete).

Stilt Houses in Chiriqui Grande (Google Maps show it as Casas Viejas), on the NE Atlantic coast.

La Escapada is a lodge run by a couple from Florida, on the NE Atlantic coast. There are coral reefs and excellent snorkeling right off the docks.

Road Side View in mountains between Atlantic and David.

All Panoramas were created with AutoPano Pro

A useful, convenient and free panorama viewer: WPanorama Viewer (Windows)