Helmet Cam Video

Video taken using a ContourHD Helmet Cam. Snips of videos made with the cam mounted on the wingtip, keel, and helmet are included. These have been compressed by Apple Quick Time "for the web", and are about half the dimensions of the original (853x496, vs 1280x720 original)

I have had several questions about the mounting of the wing-tip viewpoint. Here is more info regarding the Wing-tip Mount
The total video size in this compressed format is about 50MB for just under 5 minutes of video. The uncompressed full size version of the same video is about 177MB. Unfortunately, the QT decompressor breaks it up into two files (a tiny .mov file, and a larger .m4v file), and uses Javascript to call plug-ins on the Apple web site.

I often find browser plug-ins to be a nuisance, sometimes they install properly, sometimes they don't. Here's an alternative if you can't get the link above to work - download the individual files (right click and 'save as'):
HynerLL.mov (1 kB)
HynerLL-Desktop.m4v (43 MB)
Put them both in the same folder, and open the .mov file with QuickTime.

Richard Cobb
Hyner View - July 4 weekend, 2009

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