Flying the Mosquito
Wind Drifter
"I hitched a ride with the wind
And since he was my friend
I just let him decide where we'd go"
Wildflowers - Dolly Parton

About Wind Drifter

This opening page has remained essentially unchanged over the more than 20 years since this website came to be.

I had long been questioning how long I would be able to safely continue hang gliding. I was realizing that my infrequent flights were not enough to keep me safely current, and there were too many other desirable things competing for attention to spend more time seeking flight.

At a fall Fly-In in 2022, at the age of 75, amongst a group of other pilots, I had a beautiful soaring flight in the magic evening lifting air that is a favorite. I had made the decision that was how and when I would cease flying. I could imagine no greater tragedy than to be forced out of the sport by an injury or mishap because I had waited too long. I have over 40 years of flying memories to treasure. And now I am assured there will be no bad ending to tarnish their memory. A good friend remarked: "How pilot like - a controlled descent". That was a nice affirmation of my decision.

This opening page has been a familiar friend, so I will keep it. I may no longer actively fly, but a part of my heart will always be with the clouds.

Wind Drifter was the name of a small hang gliding school (I was the only Instructor) that operated near State College, PA in the late 80's and early 90's. I've kept the name just in case time and circumstances ever allow me to get back to teaching again.

Some things seem to have a way of coming around again if you wait long enough. The first glider I flew from the mountains (1981) was a single surface bowsprit glider called a Mosquito. As you can see, whoever designed it must have owned stock in an aircraft cable company, it had more wires than any other glider I've ever seen!

Mosquito Hang Glider

Now, 20 30 years later my newest flying toy is again a Mosquito, although this time it is a powered harness that bears the name. [Well, now it is actually 40 years later, and my newest flying toy is a Falcon 195 glider, to make it easier on this gimpy old body].

Mosquito NRG and Airborne Sting

This web site is devoted primarily to foot launched flying, and because the Mosquito is my newest adventure, most of what you see will be about that!

Richard Cobb
(from the Mountains of Virginia)

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