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This page links to other sites and more information about flying with a powered harness.


Start with the Foot Launched Powered Hang Gliding List.  This is the place to find experienced flphg pilots and information.  Most, if not all, of your questions are probably answered in the archives.  This group was originated in the UK, but has become an international community:  For information on easily searching the archives for information see Searching the Archives

FLPHG Overview:

A nice Wikipedia summary and overview of flphg: Powered Hang Glider

Early Experiences with the Mosquito:

This is a compilation of posts I made to my local flying list as I demo'ed, bought, and learned to fly my Mosquito.  Lengthy, but it is basically a diary as I experienced it:

Handling Under Power:

I have developed some theories about the effect of the thrust line on handling.  These theories are not widely accepted, however I believe I have a sound basis for them, based on my own studies and comments from other pilots.  If you have found handling under power to be difficult, then this would be worth considering.  It is long and technical, however: handling.php

Andy Buchan's Power Article

This article appeared for some time on the BMAA web site, but has since been removed: AndyBuchanPowerHangGlider.pdf
(Unfortunately I have not been able to contact Andy to ask permission, so if you are he, please drop me a line)

BHPA FLPA Syllabus

The training Syllabus used by the British ang Gliding and Paragliding Association for Foot Launched Powered  Aircraft: FLPA_Training_Syllabus.pdf

Doodlebug Training Syllabus

This Syllabus was provided by Ken Brown, the North American Doodlebug Distributor BugTrainingSyllabus.pdf

OZ Reports on Mosquito Flights:

Dave Sharp Hooks the Mosquito to the Atos: Oz Report V3 #86
Another Atos report: OzReport V6 #190
A bit of  information about the Atos, Mosquito, and V-tail: Oz Report V6 #192
One more Atos comment:
Oz Report V6 #203
Mosquito - A kick in the Butt:
Oz Report V3 #115
Crash Under Canopy - a pilot flying with a Mosquito had a glider problem (not related to the Mosquito) that required him to land under canopy: Oz Report V6 #277

FLPHG Schools:

This section contains a list of schools that teach flphg.  If you run a school that teaches flphg, or know of one, please forward that information to me ( Write to Wind-Drifter ) and it will be included here.

Airways Airsport(UK):  A BHPA School, located at Darley Moor, near Ashbourne

Blue Sky Hang Gliding (USA):  USHGA Instruction, near Richmond, Virginia

Traverse City Hang Gliding (USA):
USHGA Instruction, Michigan.  Bill Fifer is also the US Mosquito Distributor.  He does not appear to have much of a web presence, but here is his contact information: 1509 E 8th St, Traverse City, MI, 49686 - (231) 922-2844, email:

Misc Links:

Shola Ogunlokun has a dream.  Married, in his 40's, with 3 children, he wants to fly a hang glider across the UK.  When his dream began he had never flown a hang glider!  
(updated July 11, 2013)

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