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Clutch Disassembly

The centrigugal clutch on the Radne is threaded onto the crankshaft with a left hand thread. Fully Assembled Clutch
In order to remove it the flywheel must be held stationary while the hex nut in the center of the clutch is rotated in the clockwise direction.  I believe a special tool is made to hold the flywheel, but I doubt that many people actually own one.  I use a block or blocks of wood against the cooling fins on the flywheel, which has been sufficient.  If the clutch is really tight you may have to find another method to keep from damaging the fins. Removing Centrifugal Clutch Assembly
Once you have gotten the clutch loose you have done the hard part.  After you unscrew the clutch assembly you will be left with the clutch drum and toothed sprocket still on the crankshaft. Clutch Drum with Centrifugal Assembly Removed
These may now be simply lifted off, revealing the roller bearing assembly underneath it. Roller Bearing
The roller bearings should be lightly greased, but not excessively, else the grease will leak out into the clutch.  This bearing only sees movement when the engine is idling and/or the prop is free-wheeling.  Whenever the clutch is engaged the drum is locked to the shaft and the bearing does not roll. Crankshaft end with clutch and roller bearing removed
The roller bearing may be easily lifted off the crankshaft for cleaning and lubrication.  Re-assemble in the reverse order.  It is not necessary to tighten the clutch mechanism when it is screwed back on, as it will tighten itself under load.
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(updated December 23, 2023)